5 Interesting Things that Happen to Your Body When You Stop Eating Sugar

Reducing added sugar might be just what your doctor ordered.

Woman stops eating sweets and chooses an apple.

Ah sugar, that devilish little ingredient that is just tempting enough to make you skip your salad in favor of double fudge brownies. When you have a sweet tooth, the thought of giving refined sugar up for good doesn’t just seem terrible, it’s practically impossible.

On average, Americans consume about 17 teaspoons of sugar a day - or 57 pounds of added sugar a year. For reference, men are only recommended to have nine teaspoons a day, while women and children are recommended to have even less at no more than six teaspoons daily.

Too much sugar can be harmful to your health. It can cause higher blood pressure, acne, wrinkles, and cavities among other health risks.

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Here are five life-changing things that happen to your body when you stop eating added sugar:

1. You will look younger

Studies show that those who reduce their sugar intake improve their complexion. Acne starts to diminish and collagen production increases, which can take years off of your complexion. Quitting sugar could be the cheapest skincare product you invest in.

2. You’ll cool your body

If you suffer from symptoms of chronic inflammation in your body, reducing sugar is one of the top recommendations for an anti-inflammatory diet. With that being said you might find yourself feeling less tired, agitated, achy, and more content.

3. You’ll improve your mental health

If you struggle with mental health issues like depression, those sweet treats you keep indulging in might not be doing you any favors. Research shows that diets high in sugar are linked to higher levels of depression and anxiety.

4. You’ll lose weight

When you stop eating sugar, you will eventually stop craving it. You will suddenly find that those donuts your coworker brought into the office don’t seem super tempting. You’ll have more energy as well.

And fewer cravings plus more energy equals less overindulging and more motivation to exercise, which is a recipe for weight loss.

5. You’ll prevent diabetes

Did you know that recent research concluded that one in ten Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes? Monitoring your sugar intake can decrease your risk of diabetes.

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Are these benefits enough to convince you to lay off the sweets? If you want to know more about what reducing refined sugar in your diet could do for your individual health, talk to your healthcare provider.

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