Why You Need a Primary Care Doctor

(Even If You're Healthy)

What is a Primary Care Doctor, and Why Are They So Important?

A Primary Care Provider, also called a Primary Care Doctor or PCP, is a healthcare partner who can help you maintain and protect your health long term. It’s surprisingly easy to overlook our health, especially when we don’t feel sick. That’s why having a Primary Care Doctor you can trust and knows your health history is so important. They are your partner in preventive care and can also help you find specialists when you need them.

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Selecting A Primary Care Doctor Is The First Step In Your Healthcare Journey

You can use the Select Health provider search tool to find a Primary Care Doctor in just a few minutes. To get started, simply log in to your online Select Health account to get personalized results based on your plan and location. Or register for an Select Health online account and click the “Find a doctor” button on the “Missing Primary Care Provider” tile on your dashboard. Remember: finding the right care starts with finding the right doctor.

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Most Preventive Care Is Covered At 100%

Once you’ve found a Primary Care Doctor, the next step is to schedule an annual checkup. And don’t worry, we’ve made that part easy too, as most preventive care is covered at 100%, including annual checkups and telehealth. 
In other words, if you haven’t yet, now is the perfect time to schedule an appointment with your Primary Care Doctor (even if you’re healthy). Learn more about preventive care by choosing your plan type below: 

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Do I Need To Visit My Primary Care Doctor Every Year? 

Yes—annual checkups, also called annual wellness visits and yearly physicals, are crucial to maintaining your long-term health. Here are some ways your Primary Care Doctor can help you live a healthier life:

  • Guide your efforts to quit bad habits like excessive drinking or smoking
  • Recommend nutritious foods and healthy eating habits
  • Provide resources to help manage stress
  • Make sure your vaccines are up to date to prevent illnesses like the flu
  • Suggest screening tests to detect problems before they become major issues
  • Treat unexpected health problems, like a rash or infection
  • Help you manage long-term health problems, like diabetes
  • Recommend other health specialists as needed

More Reasons To Visit Your Primary Care Doctor

Unlike a doctor you’d visit in an emergency, a Primary Care Doctor will have a long-term relationship with you. They’re your first point of contact with the healthcare system and can coordinate with other doctors to ensure you’re getting the care you need.

Your Primary Care Doctor can also help you watch for warning signs of other conditions and ailments that may arise. Some health problems respond well to early intervention, while others can be prevented altogether with certain lifestyle modifications.

Selecting a Primary Care Doctor is highly recommended for all Select Health members and expected for anyone enrolled in a Medicare Advantage (HMO) plan.

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