5 Tips for Maintaining Healthy Relationships at Work

Follow these simple tips to create and maintain healthy relationships in your workplace.

Healthy relationships at work

Building strong relationships at work can make your job more enjoyable. Close-knit teams tend to have higher productivity levels, so creating relationships with your teammates can benefit both you and the organization.

However, as you build relationships with those around you in the workplace, it’s important to protect your mental health by establishing boundaries. Follow these tips to create and maintain healthy relationships in your workplace—even if you happen to work remotely.

Defining a working relationship

Working relationships are the connections formed with the people whom you work with and extend beyond your coworkers and to your clients, customers, and supervisors. These relationships may not be as intimate as those formed with your family and friends, but they are important to your success and well-being at work.

5 tips to maintain healthy working relationships

Although forming relationships with people in your workplace might feel similar to building relationships with friends, there are a few guidelines you should follow to maintain healthy relationships with your colleagues. Make sure to remain consistent in your actions and behaviors to show your coworkers that they can trust you.

1. Steer clear of gossip

Just about every workplace has a gossip mill, but the best employees typically stay away from rumors. Hearing gossip about a coworker can create a rift in the team, but you don’t have to engage with it. Instead, try to change the subject when someone else is discussing the rumor or simply remove yourself from the situation.

If an issue does arise between you and a colleague, speak to them directly rather than spreading gossip or talking to another person about it. If this action doesn’t yield a positive result, you can start by checking with your Human Resources department to review any policies that may be in place to handle the situation. You can also escalate the issue by requesting a meeting with the coworker and a supervisor to address the problem professionally and transparently.

2. Support your team

The best way to maintain a healthy relationship with a coworker is to support them. If you work in a senior position, you can provide support by serving as a mentor to the junior members of the staff.

You can also support those who work at a similar level by treating them with respect and expressing appreciation for the work they do. Providing ongoing support to those around you builds a culture of support and helps you gain the respect of those around you at work.

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3. Establish boundaries

A healthy work-life balance is important for your mental health and for the relationships you have outside the workplace. It’s important to establish boundaries with your coworkers when forming relationships to make sure that no one takes advantage of your kindness or offers of support.

4. Stay positive when interacting with others

Staying positive can be difficult, especially when you’re facing stressful situations or tight deadlines. However, encouraging and motivating your coworkers will go a long way in helping you to establish healthy relationships. Maintaining a positive attitude can also help you become the person that others come to when they need guidance or support, which can help you build better relationships with your team.

5. Understand the company rules

Some companies have guidelines and expectations around working relationships, and they can vary depending on the company culture. Make sure you’re aware of any official and unofficial guidelines presented by your organization and follow them when forming relationships with your coworkers.

With the right tools, you can form relationships that help you feel fulfilled, supported, and happy in your workplace. Since the average person working full-time spends 40+ hours a week with their coworkers, it makes sense that having the support of the people in the workplace brings a range of benefits. It’s worth investing in these relationships and ensuring that they are mutually beneficial to all parties involved.

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